Award Winning 100% Kona Coffee

Da kine is a Hawaiian word that can refer to almost anything. When you can’t remember a certain thing, or a person’s name or a specific word to describe a thing, or event, or a feeling, or when you refer to a mutually familiar subject, you can use “da kine” to express yourself. But the most common meaning of the word is THE BEST, or the most unique, or the most special. “Its Da Kine” …and everyone knows what you mean. That’s why we call our coffee Da Kine Coffee Bean.

On our farm most of the coffee trees are over 80 years old. They enjoy a perfect paradise, set high in the rain forest of Honaunau, days with blue skies, warm golden sunshine, sweet rainy mists, and cool peaceful nights. They also experience wild storms, earth quakes, and an active volcano’s not too distant breath. They store the combined essence of nature within their being, and then share their essential joy and beautiful pure aroma and bounty through their fruit.

These coffee trees can’t remember how many times they have been visited, and nurtured, by the same farmer, Terry Fitzgerald. They exchange their thoughts and sensibilities and their very being with this man, without spoken words, entwined in the rhythm of life together, for in fact they are taking care of each other and fill in each others’ lives. Together they created Da kine Coffee Bean, one of the finest and most special of the boutique coffee chateaus of Honaunau.

Drinking Da kine Coffee Bean is to feel the true essence of the spirit of Aloha, and the distinctive labors of a man, a rain forest and a coffee farm like no other. Let a cup of Da kine coffee’s aroma bring Hawaii’s warm sunshine into your heart, awaken your senses, calm and relax your soul, or simply enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee that is truly “da kine”, and in the process understand the spirit behind it that says simply, “Life is good!!!”