Farm Tour

Map to Da Kine Coffee Farm Address: 84-1038 Bruner Road, Hawaii 96726.
If you wish to tour our farm, we are located between mile markers 105 and 106. Call first to make sure we will be home. Our farm is on Bishop lease land, owned by Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate (KSBE). There are more than 600 farmers who cultivate on Bishop lease land in Kona and produce coffee, macadamia nuts, vegetables, fruit, etc. Lots people’s daily life starts with a cup of coffee, but some people don’t know anything about this plant, never seen a coffee tree in their whole life. So, we are going to use some pictures to show you the different life stages of coffee.

  • coffee seedling Coffee seedling
  • Young coffee plant (Take about 3 years to start to bear fruit. They grow very fast in Kona’s ideal climate and rich lava slope.)
  • Coffee blossoms (only can show you the beauty of coffee blossoms, but their light sweet fragrant around house is the most pleasant thing at that time. Your spirit will swell and bloom like them.)
  • Coffee cherry (Red coffee cherry is not only a message of ripeness, but also happiness. They bring a smile on your face when you just look at them.)
  • Harvesting coffee cherry (We usually harvest our coffee from end of August or beginning of September to February .)
  •  Pulping coffee (Pulping can be a big job, since picking and pulping coffee on the same day is the best way. Then soaking the coffee over night.)
  •  Wet coffee bean on the deck (One deck with clear roof and one is Japanese hoshi dana, which is rolling roof deck.)
  • Dried parchment (Drying coffee on deck is a wonderful toy introduced to Sonny at his very young age.)
  • green coffee beans Green coffee bean (Parchment get milled and graded.)
  •  Roasted coffee beans