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This is the essence of our coffee, of what we do, of who we are, which makes it different from most Kona coffee. Farming coffee is not our hobby, or our side job, it’s our way of life. It is our life. We are the actual people working our farm. We take good loving care of each tree ourselves. We put all our energy and time into our farm to produce a level of superior coffee for our customers, for you. Our coffee contains an essential appreciation for our way of life, for the simplicity and joy and magic of mother-nature, and is our blessing, which we bestow to you, with much love and aloha.

We have Dark and Medium roasted coffee, packaging in 1lb or 1/2lb plastic bag, or 1lb eco-friendly brown paper bag.

Item Size Price
Peaberry Dark 5lb $350.00
Peaberry Med 5lb $350.00
Extra Fancy Dark 5lb $350.00
Extra Fancy Med 5lb $350.00
Dakine Standard Dark      1lb $58.00
Dakine Standard Dark      0.5lb $30.00
Dakine Standard Med  1lb $58.00
Dakine Standard Med      0.5lb $30.00
Extra Fancy Green Bean 1lb $38.00
Fancy Green Bean 1lb $37.00

Shipping Rates

All of our orders are shipped using US Priority mail unless otherwise requested. This shipping service is available from Monday through Saturday, it takes about 3-5 days to the US West Coast and 4-7 days to the US East Coast.

Flat rate

  • 1-2 pounds $9.50
  • 3-5 pounds $16.50