Pig trap


We¬† live close to the forest, wild pigs often come down from mountain at night, dig every where to look for food, they became a problem to us. Especially in winter time, it’s drier and less food up on the mountain, they always make big mess then.

Jerry lent his pig trap to us and helped Terry to set it up under one of our Avocado tree. About a week later, one pig was caught but escaped, pigs are quite smart and strong. Terry called, Jerry came to fix the trap. They put a lock on the gate, if a pig get into the trap, it has very little chance to escape. It was only 3, 4 days, we got the first pig, it was Friday, August 30th.

Ama who is Jerry’s younger son came, shot the pig and took it home, butchered it alone. On Saturday, we both went to their house to help cutting up the meat. Jerry is a very good cook, he made pork adobo for that day. Next day, he and Ama made some sausage, cooked on the grill and other marinated pork.

The sausage were the best, better than any kind sausages from store. I said to Jerry, ” Your sausage recipe is great, if we catch more pig, you can make some sausage for sell. Friends and neighbors will love it.” He said:” No, you don’t sell the meat if you get it free. The more free meat you get from nature, the more you give away to share with other people, the more you will get. It’s a karma, a cycle.”

I like this idea, he put it into words, made me understand local Hawaiian’ sharing custom; it make me more respect and love these native people, who seems always have big love heart.

Last weekend, we went to Hilo for Sonny’s swimming match, spent Friday night at a friend’s house, came home on Saturday afternoon. Next morning Terry went to check the trap, he said we got one pig in the trap. I thought he was joking and didn’t believe him first, cause we just caught one pig a week ago.

He called Jerry, Jerry and his two sons came half hour later. Jerry shot the pig inside the trap, they butcher it at their house, Terry lent a hand.





Jerry cooked some meat for supper the same day, he is going to make some smoke meat and sausage, and we are going to make some Laulau together on Wednesday. He asked me to take some to home, cook any way I want.



This is the smoked meat I made yesterday, and cooked this morning, we had it for lunch. It’s one of my mom’s recipes, simple ingredients but takes some time to make it.

We have a friend, young man who likes to hunt, gave us a half frozen pig to make more room in his freezer. It took me whole day to smoke the meat, and my cooking pot was not big enough, I had to use the same pot three time, to cook all the meat. We invited this young man and one of his friend for lunch that day, and sent them home with half of cooked meat. This young man’s father who I never met, liked it; he told one of our neighbor who is vegetarian, he had never tasted any pork like that. I took it as a complement, I was glad they liked it.

A week later, this friend brought up another half frozen pig. I cooked it, made everyone happy; it was a big job, I wished not to do it again in short time. Our freezer was full, I turned down our friend’s request a couple of times after that.

I remember Jerry told me, that you’ll never go starving live in Hawaii, if you know how to fishing and hunting. And you can grow all kind of food or fruit on the land too.


When we were in Hilo, I just realized how bright the colors of nature are. I couldn’t get enough of the blue sky, white clouds and green plants; I took lots of pictures.











It was our busy weekend.