Today is the last day of 2021. Looking back at this year, it was not a smooth ride for us.

The saddest thing is that Michiko past away with COVID-19 on September 8th, ten days later her daughter past away too.

Not long after Jerry past away, Michiko’s granddaughter was born. The baby brought lots of joy to the family, helped to ease the pain of losing Jerry. Michiko had diabetes, we saw her in bad conditions before. But past years she was doing pretty good, spent most of her time with the baby at home.

Since Jerry past away, Terry volunteered taking her family’s trash to dumpster, and getting money for her from recycled bottles. Every two or three weeks we stopped by her house, gave her some food from our land. sometimes I took Michiko to her doctor’s appointments or picking up her prescription and shopping together, if her daughter didn’t have time. Michiko had never learned driving. I was always happy when she called me. So I had a day off and a good shopping friend. Then we had a lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I brought home some food for Terry and Sonny, she bought some food for her family. We enjoyed each other’s company a lot.

On September 9th, about 7 o’clock in the morning, Kailani phoned and told me her mother past away last night. She died from COVID. Michiko was afraid getting sick from vaccines. She had some bad experience from flu shot. She stayed home watching the baby, not contact with other people anyway. So she didn’t have a vaccine. Her son got COVID from his co-worker. She got it from her son. It was shocking to hear the news. She was the closest local friend I have. I stopped by her house a couple of weeks ago, dropped off a pineapple and two pumpkins. I talked to her briefly on the front porch. I felt sorry for not visiting her a little longer.

One day Sonny and I went to town. We stopped at a local gas station to get some gas. There were two men talking at the front pumps. I overheard they mentioned Watai family, about the mother died and the sister died. So I asked them, were they talking about Michiko. They said yes. Michiko died a week ago, her daughter past away that morning. It was September 18th. It was so shocking, my mind kept drifting away while I was driving

it really takes some time to accept this kind of sad news. Terry said that trying to remember her smile and happy moments, keep the good memories. If we think that she and Jerry are at the same place, we won’t feel too bad.

when I worked in the farm, I couldn’t help to think about her. Many years ago, I told Terry, Michiko was a beautiful person, especially when she smiles. Remembering my words and wondering why. It took me several days, I found the answer to my question. The Chinese have a saying, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. It usually describes when someone falls in love with others. From my case, I realize if you love someone, he or she is beautiful to you. That person could be your parents or children or friends. This answer brought peace to me. I love her, she was a beautiful person to my eyes and in my heart.

Sonny and Michiko 2005