2016 May Day Celebration

Last Saturday was the May Day Celebration at Honaunau school, a very special event for Sonny’s class, he and his friends are going to graduate from this elementary school. On this day, the ceremony was held for graduating students. It was even a super special event for Sonny and Jenna, they were elected to be May Day King and Queen.

May Day King and Queen’s families are in charge of decorating the stage the day before. Friday morning Terry and I went to a friend’s flower farm (on our road) to pick some flowers, and delivered to school. We found some flowers already there, waiting to be used.

At 2:30pm, we back to school to decorate the stage. At beginning I was worry a little bit since I had never done before.  There were a couple of moms who did this before, with their little guide, the whole process went very easy and smooth, only took two hours to finish the project.

Next to the field are some Monstera plants, Jenna’s parents and I clipped off some leaves, Sonny’s whole class helped to move the plants to the stage. With their help, the beginning of the project went very well, I was so glad to see they all were be part of this.




We had foggy and rainy week, wished to have a good sunny morning on May Day, we were blessed with good weather.












To be May Day King, the student has to write a speech to compete with other candidates, then 4th and 5th grade cast their votes. Not everyone want to be May Day King, Sonny didn’t want to try at beginning. I said:” You are a good student, why don’t you  try? It’s not about the compete, it’s about the participate. If no boy in your class apply for this role, how embarrass it is. ” Later I told him that I would award him $5.00 if he tried, $10.00 if he won this role. He needed money for his new computer, I wanted to help him but he had to earn it. So he wrote his speech, it came out not bad at all when he made up his mind. He was happy for days after the election, some kids told him they voted for him because he is the nicest boy. We were happy for him too, it helped his confident to grow inside of him.

In April, there was a talent show in our local community, we saw the sign past few years, but never asked Sonny to sign up. He has been taking piano lessons for 6 years, he can play some nice pieces. I asked him to try it this year, he refused and told me that I couldn’t force him to do it. I said :” I want you to try this time, because you are pretty good now. I wish you have an experience of playing music in front of more audiences, just this once, never again, unless you want to do it on your own. ” At the end we reached the agreement, we award him with $20.00 if he sign up the talent show and play two songs, one has to be “River Flows In You”. That evening, he got many complements after his performance. I believe he was very happy and proud of himself, that was what I wish he feels in his heart.

Right now I still can use my power as mom to give him a little push when it’s necessary, but I will giving up this power little by little as he grows. All I wish is that he will try many things as he grow up, to find out what he is good at, and choose the path that is right for himself, and the confidence and is comfortable to be himself in the future.