Mountain Apple Flower

One morning, I was feeding our chicken, saw the mountain apple tree full of beautiful blossom. It reminded me the Spring time at my aunt’s village.

My aunt and uncle’s villages located on top of a mountain, no transportation to there when I was young. It seems took us very long time to climb the mountain, we usually reached the village in the late afternoon. Often, we were stopped by some relatives who were working in the field, kept us to have lunch with them in their working shack. I don’t know why, their field seems very far from their home, take a hour walk to get there. In Spring, we saw wild cherry, peach, plum blossom everywhere, and often we broke a wild cherry blossom twig to play with. When we reached the village, most flowers lost their pedals.

My aunt’s old house had a plum tree, it was very close to back deck, we could climb up the tree from the deck. My aunt’s two grandsons were a few years younger than me and my sister, we had a lot of fun when we visited them. In my memory, my aunt’s house with plum and peach blossom is the most beautiful house, that image keeps a warm spot in heart. I told Terry that I’d like to plant peach, cherry and plum tree near our house, not for their fruit, but for their blossom. Even their blooming time are not very long, only once a year, but their beauty are like delicious food to my happy mind and happy heart.

I don’t have my peach, plum flower yet, but I’m very happy to enjoy the sight of mountain apple flower, capture some of their moments.




Sonny was chosen from his school to attend literacy award ceremony by Achive 3000, it was hosted on Wednesday in a fancy hotel. We were happy for his achievement, he asked for screen time in Tuesday evening to reward him, he got his wish.