10 Italian Coffee Drinking Rules

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What Makes the Italian Coffee Culture So Special?
Cappuccino, espresso, macchiato… if you are a coffee lover, then you’ll recognize these popular Italian coffee-based drinks right away. However, not only have Italians taken the art of coffee making and consuming to a new level – their entire coffee culture developed a number of rules which the first time travelers to Italy might find a bit overwhelming.
Are you dreaming of taking an evening stroll in Rome, and then sitting down for a cappuccino in an authentic Italian café? Well, if you do that, you’ll break the rule #1 – never order a cappuccino in Italy after 11am, i.e. after breakfast time. Italians only drink it with pastry in the morning, which is their favorite breakfast (and it’s a sweet pastry, no less!).
Want to order a large cup of take away coffee? You’re out of luck if you do that in Italy (not to mention that you’ll break the rule #7), as there is no concept of take away coffee in their cafés. Their approach to life is that, if you don’t have a few minutes to sip that superb espresso at a bar, chat with the barista about the latest scandal, or take that much needed break from work, you seriously need to work on your priorities. 🙂
And yes, the Italian way to drink an espresso is while standing at the bar. Three sips while it’s hot, and off you go. That’s rule #8, by the way.
If you find these peculiar rules a bit intimidating, no worries. Take a look at this handy infographic created by Med Cruise Guide below and get acquainted with the 10 key Italian coffee drinking rules for your next Italian adventure. Once you get to know them, you’ll enjoy the coffee like the locals do in this country of passionate coffee-lovers.




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