This year’s coffee season

We finished our third round picking of this year. First round picking started on August 10th, Terry and Sonny picked one day, I picked 3 more days to finish the small farm. Terry pulped all of the coffee.

Second round was a big round of picking, even Sonny picked 261 lb on this round. Kathy came to help me again, it took us 6 and half days to finish it. It rained a lot, put raincoats on, we kept on picking. At the end, we were still soaking well from rain and sweat. Because I wore wet gloves all day, my palms became itch and my skin just peeled off slowly.

A not good thing happened at the end of that round picking. September 7th was Saturday, the 7th day of picking, I hoped we can finish that day, so we can go to beach next day. Kathy had to go home around noon, I kept picking until the sun set. I was very tired and realized I couldn’t finish it. I left my picking basket and half bag of coffee in the field, covered them up with my raincoat. It’s the bottom of our property, near the road, but nobody can see it from the road. Next morning, we found someone stole my basket and coffee. I was so upset, had hard time to believe someone would steal coffee bag from the field. After I said many times about it, Terry said to me,”Don’t let the negative energy grab your attention. It happened and over, you learn your lesson, just let it go.” Ooh, I’m so glad that Terry pulled me out from that hole, which my mind just went around it again and again, drove me crazy. It was a wake up call, the break through was a distinguish relieve from nonproductive thoughts. At the end of the day, I told myself that I worked to earn it, even I lost it now, it will go around and come back to me in different form. I like to think about other people positively, help me to be nice and friendly to others. But there are still plenty of people making wrong decision and doing bad things. They don’t realize that cheating and stealing won’t help them gain anything, only put them into worse and worse condition. Honesty is a basic and very important quality a person should have, your mind and spirit are free if you have the quality.

Second round picking
Some cherries are big.

One good thing happened to us is, we found some good pickers. they started picking our old farm from first round. We’ve been struggling with it every year, finally we get relieve from the pressure. Kathy is 70 years old now, I’m afraid she might trip and fall, hurt herself. Only picking the small farm, we both enjoyed it a lot.

We had the smallest crop ever last year. This year’s crop looks OK, at least we’ll have our average amount for this season. At the beginning of the year, we had a couple rounds of big beautiful coffee blossom.